Stay Healthy.
Stay Hydrated.

Hydration is good for you. It helps your immune system, helps you feel less hungry, and more. Hydration is healthy. Glug can help.

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Track your water intake and meet your goals. Ounces, milliliters, or both.


A reminder to start your day, and reminders to take a drink.

No Notification Spam

You are in control. See when you’ll get a reminder. Cancel reminders. Tap twice to add an hour. Fine-tune your reminders to meet your goals.

Dark Mode

Follow the phone theme, keep things light, or turn out the lights.

Customized Shortcuts

Tracking should be easy. Customize your shortcuts to require as few clicks as possible.

One-off Drinks

Sometimes the world makes you drink from a funny glass. Glug makes it easy to add a one-off drink.


Glug wants reminders to be useful, not spammy. If you have no trouble staying hydrated on the weekend, no problem. Swipe away the start notification and Glug will stay quiet until tomorrow.

Once a reminder has been scheduled, adding a drink schedules another. Clear the reminders, and they’re done for the day.

Automatic reminders are based on your progress.

Manual reminders ignore your progress, and are based on when you press the button.

If you add a reminder with the button, tap again to add an hour. You can do this repeatedly to fine-tune your next reminder until you know it will be useful.